Munaluchi Bridal event took over the Highline Hotel!

22 Dec

So I haven’t blogged in a while do to business being really good this season and a little laziness on my part but I had to blog about this Munaluchi event. It was held at the Highline Hotel in NYC. Munaluchi is a premiere black bridal magazine that was established in 2010 by Jacqueline and her husband Chike Nwobu after realizing there was a lacking of sophisticated bridal magazines marketed for modern black brides. The events venders were exceptional and brought their A game:) It was a joy to see so many talented professionals in their fields come together for a night of networking, food and drinks and fun:)

ImageHere’s the newest issue of Munaluchi Bride! check it out:)


Jacqueline on stage speaking at the event, very inspirational.



  The Highline Hotel  and a Beautiful Blinged Out Cake By

Image                                                Beautiful Flower Cupcake by   I didnt want to eat it 😦 and we sipped on Sweet Bitch Wines. My favorite all night was the bubbly Rose Moscato!!!! Had me feelin’ Niiiiccceee lol :p

ImageMe and my close friend Laura Adaza, Owner of Royal Photo Booth.


Decided to get a little glammed up for the Munaluchi event that night. I hadn’t had a night out on the town in a while and was feeling festive. I decided to go for big Diva hair and clean natural makeup:)


Multicultural Destination Gettaway, Ellen and Vimal Vora!

7 Oct

I havent blogged in a long while and there is a clear reason why…wedding season is still in effect and I have had absolutely no time 😦 But I promised myself to get back on it and maybe kick it off with sharing a very memorable wedding this past season.

This was one of the most amazing trips of my life. The wedding took place in Cancun, Mexico on the beautiful resort of El Dorado Maroma. Ellen is Jewish and Vimal is Indian America. They fused two worlds together in 3 days of amazing celebrations.

Ellen was my personal Barbie doll for the 3 days. Everyday was a different look with a different outfit. She decided to wear a traditional sari for 2 of the 3 days and this gave me a lot of freedom to use a bit of color with her looks:)








Summer Skin Saviors For Women Of Color

11 Jul

We love the sun-but can do without the side effects. Here’s how to tackle some of the seasons annoying skin issues, from heat bumps to hyper pigmentation. Plus the latest on sun protection.

ImageSunburn: Here are the warning signs: Your skin feels abnormally warm or hot, has a reddish glow or appearance, feels painful to he touch, or begins to blister or peel.
Try this: Cool and sooth the irritation by covering the affected area with a cold compress fend off swelling. Apply and after sun gel that contains lidocaine to numb area. If you experience peeling later on exfoliate with a light scrub.

Heat Bumps: Those tiny bumps that begin to form on your skin after sun exposure. Try this: Take a cool shower, dry off and sprinkle a good amount of powder that contains cornstarch to the affected area. It helps sooth and speed up the disappearance of bumps.

Uneven Skin Tone: Hyper pigmentation cause by the sun.Try this: Apply sunscreen to dark spots. Its one of the quickest ways to get rid of marks and even out skin tone.

Hair Milk Straightening Mist for Natural Hair

24 Jun

ImageJust for Me! products have been a part of my life since I could remember. Although I do not relax my hair anymore, the Just for Me! brand, by Soft and Beautiful has expanded it’s line of hair products. Available in the African-American section, Hair milk Straightening Mist does wonders for de-tangling my thick dry locks.

When preparing for a flat-ironing, spray throughout the hair and let it soak in before combing through. Let it dry naturally and comb through hair again before proceeding to the flatiron. It feels like a light mist of water and outperforms anything I have used before, specifically for softening the hair root. My hair, for example, gets dry and knotted if it dries from the shower without hair products, so immediately out of the shower is when I spritz away and detangle with a wide tooth comb, adding a little extra to those coarse spots. It smells clean and fresh and can be used on children to de-tangle and protect hair from the heat. This product can be used with hair gel, or hair lotion to tame the frizz for a natural style. (4.99 at Walmart)

The Human Barbie: Disturbing New Beauty Trend From The Ukraine

21 May

So I was flipping through the June issue of Vogue yesterday and I came upon an article about these chicks from the Ukraine altering their appearance to look more like a real life Barbie doll.


Not only is their appearance “other worldly” but its a bit disturbing to think these girls surgically modified their own bodies to look like a very unrealistic looking human being. The most famous of these girls is Valeria Lukyanova, an aspiring pop singer who embarked on a journey to turn herself into the “most realistic looking human doll” with the help of large contact lenses, a boob job and gallons of peroxide. In my opinion It wouldn’t be a far stretch to think she has had some ribs removed to create a smaller waist as well.

The “Barbie Flu” as it is now called by media is spreading all over the world. One of the most popular Barbie’s  is an American teenager by the name of Dakota Rose ( Pictured below)

ImageShe has a popular blog and  YouTube channel that gives tutorials on how to look more like a human doll. Is this just another popular beauty trend or an indication of a deeper issue with women around the world’s obsession with being “Barbie Perfect”. Is it just another step up from wanting to dress and be as glamorous as Barbie is? Or a way for young adult women to escape reality into a unrealistic fantasy land? Sooner or later will we all look  like perfectly proportioned, blonde haired, big blue eyed freaks of nature ? lol hmmm…

Faux Tanning the Right Way! Helllllloooooo summer:)

20 May

Summer is around the corner people and you know what that means: Less clothes, tight bodies and summer tans are on their way! And like you prep and prime before a makeup application for your face, it only makes sense to do the same for your skin before a spray tan. Here are some tips to a perfected, even toned spray tan.

ImageLOSE YOUR LIZARD SKIN: Exfoliate to eliminate skin-cell buildup. These dry and flaky areas will hold on to excess color and create blotches. But skip oily scrubs, and instead use gritty granules or an exfoliating mitt. Oil acts as a barrier and prevents self tanner from absorbing into the skin.

MOISTURIZE: Dry your skin with a towel from head to toe, then rub a small amount of a light body cream onto your elbows, knees, palms and heels. These areas have thicker skin, which makes them sponges for faux tanner, so you want to prevent them from soaking up too much color.

ImageBE FEARLESS: if your using a spray, keep the nozzle about three inches from skin and use even pressure. For creams, gels or mousse, apply color directly to hands or onto a tanning mitt, then apply the tanner using consistent sweeping motions. if you hesitate on skin, that is when you get streaking and blotchiness.

SCULPT SOME MUSCLES: After you put on your heels, aim the nozzle just under where your calf muscles pop, and spray on or rub in a little extra tanning lotion. Then flex your arms in front of the mirror, and trace below your biceps. Next, create cleavage by bronzing the area between your breast to create more lift and shape to your chest:)

  • ImageTIP: Shaving actually helps remove spray tans, so make sure to do it before your tan and when you do shave use a light touch when removing regrowing hair.

Tinted Mascara! The Right Hue For You, Get the MOST out of your eyecolor!

13 May

Its fun, its flirty and its trending now:) Tinted Mascara is hot and ready for summer. Here are the perfect shades for your peepers.

ImageBrown Eyes: Pairing navy blue lashes with brown eyes bring out their warmth and depth. Soft copper or gold swept across the eyelids also bring out the eyes golden undertones.

Green Eyes: Contrasting purple will make green eyes pop and there is room to play with all tones of violet, from lilac to amethyst: Couple a purply mascara with a violet shadow for a sexy twist on the smokey eye.

Blue/Light Green Eyes: Metallic mascara can flatter ant eye color, but baby blues get the biggest boost with a glittering gold.If your intimidated by the shimmer, start with a layer of black mascara first then paint the tips f your lashes only with gold. A matching metallic shadow amps up the sparkle:)

TIP: If your feeling particularly brave, try this magenta mascara as seen on the runway for Donna Karan recently 🙂